Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cycling trip to Sg. Gabai Waterfall, Ulu Langat

Went for my first cycling trip last weekend to Ulu Langat. It's about 45 mins drive from KL and we clocked at about 2-3 hours of cycling journey (one way including stops). Entire trip, including all our stops, took roughly about 7.5 hours from 6.30am till 2pm. Pedalled for 50++km, i did!! :)

One of the smaller waterfalls in Sg. Gabai

Had only 3 hours of sleep and woke up SOOOOOOOOO freaking early on Sunday. 4.30am!! gosh, it'd be more believable to people who know me if i had said it's time i'm about to go to sleep!!

When i was told about it, i was like... huh? Ulu Langat?! Cycle!?! ehhh, so far!! haha... and i haven't been riding a bicycle for ages! The last time was during my Taipei trip back in November last year when i rented one to ride around the coast in Danshui.

Well, what the heck... i just went for it and had a great time!

As usual, let's see the pics! :)

Gathered at Petronas gas station in Ampang at zzZZ-hour of 6.30am. The sun was not even up yett! There were more girls than guys!! ahhaha

Petai tree on the way. My first time seeing an actual petai tree and i didn't even know it has flowers... i dun have telephoto lens lerr but see that small orange dot? That's the flower! :)

Stopped for a break after a few kilometres of up-hill pedalling.

Stopped for breakfast. That's my loaned helmet

And the loaned bike.. can i keep it for good?!??

Only 6km more after going uphill and downhill! yay! The stretch after this turning is more even and a whole lot easier for cyclists! I think i'll just drive here and start cycling from here once i get my own bike... kekeke

Passed a goat farm. Again, my first getting up close to a goat farm.

Must be feeding time. There were dogs barking at me when i went near the fence for this pic so took a quick snap and scrammed off!

Lotsa fruit orchards along the way. It's fruit season so there were lotssss of rambutan and cempedak!

Arrived at Sg. Gabai! Alrighty!!

Parked all our bikes

And took off our helmets :)

Bird's dropping landed on my cap which i wore beneath the helmet. Can buy lottery la!! kekeke

One of a few waterfalls here. This one looks a lot like Kemensah Waterfall to me!

Stairs to the waterfall

Weekend crowd at Sg. Gabai

Too bad we didn't bring a change of clothes or I'll be going for another natural massage at the fall!

Stopped at a fruit stall along the way back and had a durian feast! yeah, i think this is the highlight of the trip! We ate 7 durians!! hehehh

Checkout this tiny durian with long thorns. Never tried or seen this type of durian before. They're all good! :)

my shoulder got a souvenir stamp from the outing. While going downhill there was this part with a bunch of rocks on my way... wanted to swerve out but there was a lorry coming at my back so i just go ahead and got unbalanced after hitting rocks. Took a spill and kissed the ground!

Another souvenir on the knee. Didn't have a knee pad but luckily my pants was 3/4 in length ler... else it would be really ugly and deep wound! It's healing well so far, hope it'll be as good as new by next week for my Perhentian trip! :)

Sent one of the bikes back. Almost couldn't get a bike for the outing la. So glad there was one available for loan at the last minute! Gotta get my own soon! :)

I looOOoved all the downhill rides!! But sometimes my traitorous mind kept reminding me that all the downhill would be an uphill on the way back!!! EVIL! hahah.. Reached back our starting point at about 2pm. Thought i'd be toast on the way back but the weather was cloudy and great for riding that day! All in all, it was a fun 50km ride! Glad i went for it! Time to start shopping for a bike! :D


blueameba said...

Wooii.. when are you started into cycling one? k, next time join my cycling tour ok?

buy a new bike, i'm u r afford to.. hehehe

ashlight said...

yeah, me and Khin planning to get a bike but not sure which to go for.

You just bought one right? Any recommendations? What brand did you get and how much?

Let's have a teh tarik session when i'm back from Perhentian and you can give us some tips... buy you the roti canai and teh tarik i promised you... haha