Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jungle & River Trek to Kemensah Waterfall

Went for a leech-feeding session during the weekend.. keke... Okieokie, it was a mix of jungle and river trekking to Kemensah Waterfall. Went in at 9am and came out almost 4pm. That's 7 solid hours with mother nature with 3 different waterfall stops. Very nice! :)

Let's checkout the pics :)

Mossy fallen tree. I rather like this shot eventhough alllllllll my shots in this outing were really rushed! Didn't have time to do much tweaking since i need to keep moving instead of blocking people behind. The group turned out to be 29 people instead of around 10-ish. More fresh blood for the bloodsuckers!!!

Here's the part where we started off - the jungle trek. Thank goodness the ground was dry and even so there were so many leeches around! I shudder to think if it rained the night before - with the ground slippery and full of bloodsuckers... yerrgh

Newayz, I don't have many shots of the jungle trek part cause i just wanna keep moving before the bloodsuckers got a chance to stick on me! Of course, what you see here is the easy-peasy part! There were areas where i gotta pack the cam into the bag... can't have it dangling around cause we had to be on all four - think Spiderman! Very slopy and if you slipped, you'll be rolling alllllll the way downhill. If you're lucky, you'll be saved by a tree halfway down after hitting it with a sickening thud.. hehhh.. okok, none of that happened lah. We have good spidey skills :)

And then the river trek. ahh, I really enjoyed this part. Leech-free and cool water rushing down my feet. Nice!!

Another mossy log!

Watch your head!

Slippery shoes.. whoops, she almost slipped there!

2nd waterfall. Not a good shot. Vaporish lens. Lotsa fine spray of water when you're near the fall... blah

3rd waterfall - 2 guys from the other group under the fall. Another blah-shot. Neways, this is the highlight of the journey to me! Get a natural therapeutic massage just by standing under the few-hundred-feet-high waterfall!! woohoo! Grrreat stuff! I'm still waiting for the pic of me frolicking under the fall from the other camera! Now that i think about it, i'd SO do it again for this!

Crystal in the rock. As seen on the ground along the trek back from 3rd waterfall.

Our bloody souvenirs from the outing.. haha.. I got a bite at about the same place too. Managed to detect and pull out about a dozen or so leeches before they bit and drew blood. Missed one at the very end. So damn itchy... ishh.. Newayz, felt good with the outcome cause i expected to get a LOT more than one!

Got out from the jungle at 4pm so we totally missed lunch! Starving people then went for a seafood dinner at Cheras. :)

Next, PADDLE OR DIE!!!!!!

P/S: Happy 4th July!!


Ey d'lEfty said...

Hey there, bumped into ur blog and terkezut when I read 'Malaysia' i ur profile.. hehehe..

Ur shots of jungle trekking in Kemensah were great for me! Erm.. Kemensa tu kt ner eck? Hehe, malu malu..

BTW, can I share my WATERFALL shots from JandaBaik with you? Check out my blog.


Nice knowing a blog that share the same topic.. haha.. finally!

ashlight said...

Thanks for dropping by! Kemensah is right smack in KL! The starting point for trekking is near Melawati - short distance behind the Zoo Negara.

yeah, i've heard about Janda Baik but have not been there. Good to know some new places to explore and do some shooting! :)

Flipper said...

Happen to chance upon your blog and notice some nice photo shots. If you like nature drop by my trekking blog.

ashlight said...

Flipper, i enjoyed your trekking blog! I've been to a few places listed on your blog and hope to visit more soon. Thanks for dropping by! :)