Friday, August 31, 2007

Top 5 AllMalaysian Blogger

Yesterday i received an email from the All Malaysian Blogger Project (AMBP) Editor with a subject that sez "You are a Top 5 AllMalaysian Blogger"!!! woahhh!! Are you kidding me?!?! okay, still a little dazed, i quickly opened the email and was greeted with these words:

Dear AllMalaysian Blogger,


We are pleased to inform you that your blog has been voted by fellow bloggers, and readers of AllMalaysian Bloggers Project, as one of the Top 5 Bloggers in the recent AMBP-Genting contest.

To view the list of winners, and what you've won, head on over to

Visit the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project page as often as possible because we're keeping ourselves busy, planning a host of events/activities/contests to keep the Malaysian blogosphere spinning, so to say.

Thank you for your participation, and congrats, again!

Yours Sincerely,

The AMBP Team

p.s Here's some simple yet trendy AMBP buttons to add to your blog - wear it proudly! ;-)

All Malaysian Bloggers Project Contest Winner! All Malaysian Bloggers Project Contest Winner! All Malaysian Bloggers Project Contest Winner!

gosh! Top 5! Wow, I'd like to thank my parents, my... just kidding! not doing the Oscar speech now! haha... But i gotta convey my sincere thanks to everyone who voted for the Lair, fellow bloggers and readers - thanks for dropping by and don't be a stranger! Gimme a holler anytime! ;) Special thanks to the AMBP Team, Genting and The Star Publication for having this. To quote the email, "Keep the Malaysian blogosphere spinning!!" :)

Ahh, congrats to the 5 winning voters and my fellow Top 5 bloggers too!! Drop by and check their blogs out!
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- Thousand Words: Snapshots of Life
- Why Must Visit Malaysia?
- Emilia's Illustrated Blog

Happy Merdeka Day! Just came back from my island breakaway. Tanned! haha.. will post more about that soon. I'm now enjoying my Merdeka holidays at the hometown so yeah, will post some pics on that too!

Thanks everyone!!! Have a great holiday and Happy Merdeka!! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) at Putrajaya

Went to shoot the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) on Saturday and today at Putrajaya! Saturday was the opening by the Malaysian Team and the Australian Team had their pyro display today. Wow, i gotta say that i'm REALLY impressed with the Australia's 30-minute display!! Best fireworks i've seen so far eventhough i can't see the lower fireworks display. The view was blocked by a small hill from my location at the bridge.

The Malaysian fireworks display was good but nowhere near Australia's standard. Smoke is always a pest when shooting fireworks and Australia's team did very well in bursting at several strategic spaces to divert viewers' attention and let the smoke cleared before shooting at the same spot again. Awesome!!

Putrajaya night scene. Taken after the fireworks display.

Let's see my feeble attempt at shooting fireworks on a tripod under Bulb mode.. without a shutter release cable!! :PPP Saturday's shots were a bit of a disaster since it's my first time but today's shots are pretty decent.

Late and stuck in a jam when i reached Putrajaya. Didn't manage to get to a good spot for today's shooting! Traffic didn't seem to be moving and i was about 3km away from my destination with the fireworks starting at any minute! oh NO!

Decided to double park and shoot from wherever spot available before i miss the entire display! Walked to the bridge and saw the first few starting burst of fireworks. ah crap, i need to find a spot and set up the tripod ASAP!

Rushed to the end of the bridge and took a quick handshot before the tripod is up

yay, tripod's up! As i said, not a good spot but hello, what choice do i have?! Serve me right for heading to Putrajaya late!

Annoying streetlights in the pic. This is the part the ppl go... oooOooohh

And aaaaahhhh...

And wahhhhhh... Notice that the lower pyro display was blocked by a small hill.

Can't hear the music from this spot. I was at Precint 5 on Saturday and could hear faint sound of the music from PICC behind me.

Random shot at Putrajaya. Hang around for a while to let the traffic ease before heading back to KL.

There are more but yikes, it's late!! I haven't packed for my Perhentian trip tomorrow night!! Gotta sleep now! Will post more pics if i have the time before my island getaway!! Nite peeps!!

P/S: For those who are interested to watch the MIFC, Italy and Japan are set to light up Putrajaya's sky on 25th and 30th night. More info at

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cycling trip to Sg. Gabai Waterfall, Ulu Langat

Went for my first cycling trip last weekend to Ulu Langat. It's about 45 mins drive from KL and we clocked at about 2-3 hours of cycling journey (one way including stops). Entire trip, including all our stops, took roughly about 7.5 hours from 6.30am till 2pm. Pedalled for 50++km, i did!! :)

One of the smaller waterfalls in Sg. Gabai

Had only 3 hours of sleep and woke up SOOOOOOOOO freaking early on Sunday. 4.30am!! gosh, it'd be more believable to people who know me if i had said it's time i'm about to go to sleep!!

When i was told about it, i was like... huh? Ulu Langat?! Cycle!?! ehhh, so far!! haha... and i haven't been riding a bicycle for ages! The last time was during my Taipei trip back in November last year when i rented one to ride around the coast in Danshui.

Well, what the heck... i just went for it and had a great time!

As usual, let's see the pics! :)

Gathered at Petronas gas station in Ampang at zzZZ-hour of 6.30am. The sun was not even up yett! There were more girls than guys!! ahhaha

Petai tree on the way. My first time seeing an actual petai tree and i didn't even know it has flowers... i dun have telephoto lens lerr but see that small orange dot? That's the flower! :)

Stopped for a break after a few kilometres of up-hill pedalling.

Stopped for breakfast. That's my loaned helmet

And the loaned bike.. can i keep it for good?!??

Only 6km more after going uphill and downhill! yay! The stretch after this turning is more even and a whole lot easier for cyclists! I think i'll just drive here and start cycling from here once i get my own bike... kekeke

Passed a goat farm. Again, my first getting up close to a goat farm.

Must be feeding time. There were dogs barking at me when i went near the fence for this pic so took a quick snap and scrammed off!

Lotsa fruit orchards along the way. It's fruit season so there were lotssss of rambutan and cempedak!

Arrived at Sg. Gabai! Alrighty!!

Parked all our bikes

And took off our helmets :)

Bird's dropping landed on my cap which i wore beneath the helmet. Can buy lottery la!! kekeke

One of a few waterfalls here. This one looks a lot like Kemensah Waterfall to me!

Stairs to the waterfall

Weekend crowd at Sg. Gabai

Too bad we didn't bring a change of clothes or I'll be going for another natural massage at the fall!

Stopped at a fruit stall along the way back and had a durian feast! yeah, i think this is the highlight of the trip! We ate 7 durians!! hehehh

Checkout this tiny durian with long thorns. Never tried or seen this type of durian before. They're all good! :)

my shoulder got a souvenir stamp from the outing. While going downhill there was this part with a bunch of rocks on my way... wanted to swerve out but there was a lorry coming at my back so i just go ahead and got unbalanced after hitting rocks. Took a spill and kissed the ground!

Another souvenir on the knee. Didn't have a knee pad but luckily my pants was 3/4 in length ler... else it would be really ugly and deep wound! It's healing well so far, hope it'll be as good as new by next week for my Perhentian trip! :)

Sent one of the bikes back. Almost couldn't get a bike for the outing la. So glad there was one available for loan at the last minute! Gotta get my own soon! :)

I looOOoved all the downhill rides!! But sometimes my traitorous mind kept reminding me that all the downhill would be an uphill on the way back!!! EVIL! hahah.. Reached back our starting point at about 2pm. Thought i'd be toast on the way back but the weather was cloudy and great for riding that day! All in all, it was a fun 50km ride! Glad i went for it! Time to start shopping for a bike! :D

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Perhentian Island Challenge

Signed up for Perhentian Island Challenge's Novice Race! The fee is RM120 which include 2-way bus transport from KL to Terengganu, boat transfers, meals, tent accomodation, T-shirt, goodie bag and race certificates!!

RM120 for 3D/2N fullboard stay in Perhentian is really cheap! So i get to join the race, laze and snorkel in a gorgeous island for 3 days at only RM120!! Nice!! Race is subsidised by Tourism Malaysia and Terengganu government in conjunction with the country’s 50th Merdeka celebrations, Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and leading up to Visit Terengganu Year 2008. :)

Looking forward to shoot at Pulau Perhentian! Meanwhile, here's a gorgeous pic of Perhentian from Alfred Molon.

It was recently featured in an article in The Star Weekender too. Some snippets here:

The RM120 fee covers the cost of transportation by coach from Kuala Lumpur, boat ride and accommodation from Aug 24-Aug 26 at the Race Village – basically tents spread over two beachfronts with full toilet facilities.

It also includes meals and entertainment programmes, T-shirts, goodie bags and race certificates. There will also be a food fair and handicraft exhibition.

“We also identified the location and type of food stalls and drink stations to have, and have ensured that ample tents and kayaks would be made available for participants”

Snorkellers, for example, are not allowed to wear flippers as they could end up kicking and damaging the island’s precious coral reefs. The races are also planned in such a way that the routes take participants through the most beautiful scenery. Arrows will be strategically placed on the ocean floor to direct participants to look around and see the colourful fish and other marine life.

Markers will also be put up at strategic sites to force participants to either look up at the trees or around them. So no matter how rushed, participants are forced to pause and appreciate nature.

The Race Village will be very lively throughout the weekend with a food fest, handicraft demonstrations, traditional games, concerts and fire shows taking place during the day and late into the evening.

Wow, looking forward to 23-26 Aug! Will definitely take lotsa pics of the event and post them here! :)

*More details at Perhentian Island Challenge website.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Top 20 AMBP Blogs

well, what do you know?!! The Lair has been shortlisted as Top 20 Blogs in the AM Blogger Project!! wowzer! Gotta thank The Star and the peeps at AM Blogger Project for that!

Registered my Lair on All Malaysian Blogger Project (AMBP) on a whim about 2 weeks ago after reading about it on The Star and i was pleasantly surprised when i received this email in my inbox today :


Your blog has been selected as one of the Top 20 AMBP blogs, and as such, will now be featured, along with the 19 other blogs, in the next stage of the Genting AMBP Contest, our very first contest for bloggers!

To check out the shortlisted blogs, proceed to

Now, in order for you to win one of the prizes, your blog will have to be ranked in the Top 5, as selected by the majority of visitors on our site. Voting begins on Aug 6 and ends on Aug 20.

Keep on blogging and may the Force be with you.

Thank you and good luck!

AMBP Editor
I.Star Division
Star Publications

Nice!! So the public will be voting among the 20 blogs to determine the Top 5 to receive prizes from Genting. ah well, i'm more than happy just being featured in the Top 20. If you're a blogger, do register your blog on the AMBP network :) You'll have to be a registered MyStar user in order to do that. And while you're at it, do spare a moment and gimme a vote!!

All Malaysian Bloggers Project