Saturday, January 6, 2007

Taipei and Hong Kong Photos

Some photos as promised. They are all shot by hand cause tripod is too heavy to lug around the whole day. Night shots are especially tough with the DSLR. I refuse to use flash! Most of the time, i leveraged on a handbar or whatever flat surface that i can find.

They call it 'winter' at this time of the year. Most days are cloudy/misty/smoky/hazy. Anyhow, i lOOooooOOOve the weather in Taipei!!

Okay, here goes the pics! :)

Hong Kong Central

Hong Kong view from The Peak. Too bad it's rather misty or i'll be able to see the mainland as well.

Xinyi, Taipei - shopaholics haven! The entire street is full of malls connected by overhead bridges.

Danshui, Taipei - spent my last day cycling along the coast.

Nightview of Hong Kong Island, taken from mainland at Tsim Tsar Chui jetty, before going onto the ferry.

Nightview of the mainland, taken when i reached Wan Chai jetty in HK Island :)

Usual cloudy day at Hong Kong

The signboard cracked me up! All Destinations!!! LOL... well, i guess when you're at the end of an island, the other side *is* All Destinations!! kekeke

Taipei view from Yang Ming Mountain. Don't know which side of Taipei tho, maybe the suburb since there are not many skyscrapers around.

Evening shot - Taipei 101

That's all for now! Might post more tomorrow if i have the time. I came back with 2.14gigs of pics! kekeke

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