Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) at Putrajaya

Went to shoot the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) on Saturday and today at Putrajaya! Saturday was the opening by the Malaysian Team and the Australian Team had their pyro display today. Wow, i gotta say that i'm REALLY impressed with the Australia's 30-minute display!! Best fireworks i've seen so far eventhough i can't see the lower fireworks display. The view was blocked by a small hill from my location at the bridge.

The Malaysian fireworks display was good but nowhere near Australia's standard. Smoke is always a pest when shooting fireworks and Australia's team did very well in bursting at several strategic spaces to divert viewers' attention and let the smoke cleared before shooting at the same spot again. Awesome!!

Putrajaya night scene. Taken after the fireworks display.

Let's see my feeble attempt at shooting fireworks on a tripod under Bulb mode.. without a shutter release cable!! :PPP Saturday's shots were a bit of a disaster since it's my first time but today's shots are pretty decent.

Late and stuck in a jam when i reached Putrajaya. Didn't manage to get to a good spot for today's shooting! Traffic didn't seem to be moving and i was about 3km away from my destination with the fireworks starting at any minute! oh NO!

Decided to double park and shoot from wherever spot available before i miss the entire display! Walked to the bridge and saw the first few starting burst of fireworks. ah crap, i need to find a spot and set up the tripod ASAP!

Rushed to the end of the bridge and took a quick handshot before the tripod is up

yay, tripod's up! As i said, not a good spot but hello, what choice do i have?! Serve me right for heading to Putrajaya late!

Annoying streetlights in the pic. This is the part the ppl go... oooOooohh

And aaaaahhhh...

And wahhhhhh... Notice that the lower pyro display was blocked by a small hill.

Can't hear the music from this spot. I was at Precint 5 on Saturday and could hear faint sound of the music from PICC behind me.

Random shot at Putrajaya. Hang around for a while to let the traffic ease before heading back to KL.

There are more but yikes, it's late!! I haven't packed for my Perhentian trip tomorrow night!! Gotta sleep now! Will post more pics if i have the time before my island getaway!! Nite peeps!!

P/S: For those who are interested to watch the MIFC, Italy and Japan are set to light up Putrajaya's sky on 25th and 30th night. More info at


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Thanks Samuel! Surprised and honoured to be among the Top 5!