Monday, February 26, 2007

Back to work

First day of work after a week's break. I've yet to revert my biological clock back to the working days. Been sleeping late and waking up at noon like i used to do back in college.. hehe.. gotta love the night!!

So my clock is still a bit screwed and i could only sleep at 5am last night and had to draggggg myself up at 8am this morning. ergh... It's amazing i'm still at my feet and did not nod off at work.

Monday is not as bad as i thought I'd feel. It was good catching up with the fellas who went off for vacations. Had traditional candies from Japan and checkout pics taken in Lipe Island. Gosh, i miss island's clear blue water. Gotta visit one soon!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Withdrawal symptoms

Just like that the week-long hols that i've been waiting for is going to be OVER!! I tried scrunching my face to stop time like the Jap guy from Heroes but nothing happened! *sobsob*

I'm at this horrid stage where I don't feel like going back to work. Gotta pull myself out of the blue :(

Friday, February 16, 2007

Beggar's Chicken @ Jugra

Went to Jugra Hill last week to tryout Beggar's Chicken. Interesting stuff. The chicken is buried in sand and cooked for 4 hours. Gotta make reservations in advance as the place doesn't take walk-ins. It's something different so of course i wanted to try it!

Drove up Jugra Hill. The place is WAY out of the main road. About one and a half hour drive from KL.

Crazy friend took my cam and snap this cemetery on our way up. See anything spooky? hehehe

Beggar's Chicken @ Jugra. Wait, i think that's duck. We ordered Beggar's Duck as well. The meat was soft and tender.. oh, and the soup inside was yummy. Had to fend off the ppl from attacking it and let me snap some pics first.. kekeke

umm.. i can't remember what this is called.. it's like Loh-Mai-Kai

This is "Longevity Soup" according to the menu

Where all the Beggar-style dishes are cooked - our chicken was buried in the sand for 4 hours.

We ordered 9 course meal for two tables since there were 22 of us. The bill ended up with RM27 per person. Another weekend of good food to welcome the PIG's year!! hehehe


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Got another bunch of pics from our Jugra outing last weekend. Will post it up either tomorrow or the weekend. Off to get some caffeine to keep me awake. :|

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snap Preview

Snap Preview on the Lair. Came across this and decided to use it. Hover your mouse on the links and you'll get a preview of how the page looks like. Try hovering on these links and checkit out:

Star Online


Edit: I've taken it out. After a while, it gets kinda annoying :P

Friday, February 2, 2007

Klang's food

Went for authentic Klang Bak Kut Teh this morning with the fellas. Ended up in 4 different places in one morning. gosh, so freaking full! From one to another yummy food place in Klang. Let the pics tell the story :)

1st stop

1st stop: Bak Kut Teh and sideorders - 2 sets for our table with rice for everyone.

The sideorder

2nd stop

2nd stop: 80% full by then but had to try this DRY Bak Kut Teh, which was new to a few of us so the entourage moved on to another shop well-known for this.

Soup served separately for the dry version. Again, served with rice but we cut down the orders and shared a few plates around instead of one each.

3rd stop

3rd stop: my gawd, full already. But they said there's this famous cendol shop in Klang, so off we went for dessert. I'm not a cendol fan but i like this one! Pic shows cendol with ice-cream but i tried the one without ice-cream. Nice! :)

4th stop

4th stop: Heck, freaking full by then! And we've yet to try this tapioca noodle which was widely publicised prior to the outing. So we tapau 2 packets back to my friend's place and everyone had a taste. Good stuff. The noodle is CHEWY! lol