Saturday, January 6, 2007

Frasers Hill

Some photos from my trip to Frasers 2 weeks ago. Stayed for two days and spent most of the time jungle trekking. Almost got lost the first time.. haha.. well, we started late at 5.50pm thinking that we'll be out in 45 minutes max (Bishop Trail is about 1.5km)... about 6.35pm which is okay since it's not that dark yet by then. We were supposed to take a turn and exit Bishop Trail as the adjoining Maxwell Trail (1.8km) has been closed down after a few people got lost and made headline few months back.

Anyway, we took slow leisure walk and stopped for photos and darkness fell upon us faster than we thought. Saw a sign telling us 200m to exit. Cool, another 10 mins and we'll be out. 45 minutes later, we were still in the jungle and as we went forward, the trail became more difficult with a lot of stuff blocking the way - as if no one had been on it for a long time. Lotsa leeches too!! Not good. And it was already dark.

Only one of us brought a tiny torchlight so we checked the map again. Must have missed a turning and currently at the closed-down Maxwell Trail. At first we decided to go ahead but it was really dark and the jungle got thicker as no one had been there for ages after it was closed down. When we reached a forked path and wasn't sure which to take, that was that. Decided to backtrack. Summore there were so many leeches and i couldn't check my shoes in the dark. Had to go by feel and pull the suckers out when i felt them on my feet... Backtracking in the dark was better as we knew what to expect. Never been so glad to have full moonlight until that day! haha

Anyway, we got out fine.. except for the bloody feet. Did a few short trails the next day. Hemnant Trail, Abu Suradi Trail and Mayer Trail. Those are real easy trails. It was like a walk in the park after the night before. Besides that, visited some waterwalls and had a bit of archery fun. Nothing much else to do in Frasers. More of a nature trip. Gotta love highland's weather. Scenic drive downhill passing a dam - the name slips my mind.

I came back with 9 leeches bites and they still itch today!!! :P

View from Frasers

Gross mushroom(?) on one of the fallen tree trunks in Bishop Trail

Taken from one of the short trails. Can't remember which one now.

One of the small waterfall on the way downhill.

Jeriau waterfall

Bought this cool plant back.. it's still surviving under my crappy care so far :D

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