Saturday, January 6, 2007

Dopod 838 Pro

I think most people already know that i lost my O2 Mini when i was in HK and so i got myself a Dopod 838 Pro when i came back. Been using it for a while and my only complain is that it is SLOW!!

Can't tell if it's because of the inferior Samsung processor or if WM2005 is eating up all the resources. Heck, maybe both! Seriously, i feel the slowness immediately because my previous pdaphone responded faster. But then again, the Mini was on WM2003SE so i can't really compare the two. Anyhow, slow is slow!

Other than that, i'm happy with it. Wouldn't trade it for any other models in the market now or the 5 new upcoming models from Dopod either. Oh, and i played around with O2 Xda Stealth.. it's like rubber! Try picking it up and you'll feel like you're touching a tyre! *shudder*

Newayz, back to the 838 Pro, gotta looOOove the sliding keypad! :)

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