Saturday, January 6, 2007

Food in Taipei and HK!

Stuff that i tried:

My half-eaten stinky tofu.. hehehe

Had this from Shilin Night Market. Mushroom glutinous rice. So-so only.

ooo, this is nice... they call it 'jian pau'. The outer layer is like the usual pau and the inside is like 'siew long pau' - pork with a little soup. Didn't know that the first time i ate it and had the soup burned my tongue and dripping all over.. yikes

A bit like Sze-chuan soup... with crab meat in it. So-so only.

Their corn is just weird. They dry it and then grill it with honey and scatter sesame seeds on top. It's the hardest corn i've ever had!!

The one with vege inside is really yummy!!

Had this in Taipei 101 foodcourt

I loOOooove this! Mango jelly in mango juice is my fav! Pure mango juice with cubes of fresh mango and jelly!! It's a chained dessert outlet with lotsa branches so i had this almost everyday in HK! Really miss it now!

Tall ice cream?! Lotsa stalls sell this in Danshui. Spent my last day there and love the place to bits!


Stuff that i passed by and did not try (cause i was too full at that time or it's available here too) :

Yeah, think we have this in Midvalley too.

Giant octopus balls.. haha... we have the smaller version in Jusco.

Another giant something (wantan?)


When i first saw this, i was like, what the HECKK is that?!?!... then i saw the picture below it.... Chocolate-covered banana sprinkled with nuts!!! kekeke

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