Friday, July 20, 2007

Rompin Roadtrip

Finally have some time to myself to update the Lair. I'm appointment-free today. No stuffy bankers to meet up.. well, at least for today! I've been spending my lunches and dinners with them for the past week and glad to get a break! Took a day off to settle some legal stuff yesterday too. I've yet to go through the thick documents (more like a tome!) i gotta sign!

Just offload a bunch of pics from the cam too. My weekend trip to a durian orchard and previous batch from Rompin roadtrip.

Anyway, let's backtrack TWO weeks to my Rompin roadtrip! yeah, i'm really behind my posts and photos! :PP

Let's see them pics! :)

Dragon Fruit orchard

These were taken last 2 weeks. Came across a few Pitaya or Dragon Fruit Orchards on my way to Rompin. I had two options to drive to Rompin actually and i decided to take the kampung road instead of the highway to enjoy the scenery and small towns that i'll be passing through. I stopped a lot on my way back!

Going there took me 3.5-4 hours drive and coming back took me 7 hours!! haha.. There wasn't any traffic jam, i just took a leisure drive and stopped at all spots that interest me. I always enjoy the return roadtrip cause i can buy whatever i want and stuff it into the car!! Bought 1/2kg of yummy and hot coffee-bean-fried chestnuts from a roadside stall in Muazam Shah then i was driving and cracking chestnuts all the way in the car.. kekeke

Neways, i was just shooting from beside the road and then someone called and invited me to go right into the orchard! Nice!! I've never been to a dragon fruit farm before! It's my first time seeing a dragon fruit tree actually and it sure look weird!! Like a mix of cactus and giant aloe vera!

A young dragon fruit, already being attacked my ants.

And it grows!

So small and already drying up

The good ones will be wrapped :)

I tried the dragon fruit jelly and drink. Taste a bit weird lah

The Prime Minister was here too!

Also dropped by Ulu Bendul. The starting point to climb Gunung Angsi is somewhere here cause i saw the signboard around. :)

Ulu Bendul Recreation Park. Lotsa peeps that weekend.

They pooled up the river water like this... o_O

The park is a bit touristy and commercialized for my taste

Random stop. Got fish? :D

The signboard says "Air Kelapa Bakar". Err.. how shall i translate this? BBQ Coconut Drink? :P Wanted to try it but there was no one manning the stall when i stopped by. Even the charcoals were not lit yet. I guess they open later in the evening :|

wah, kinda long... tired of scrolling yet?!? hehehhe

Newayz, that was 2 weeks ago! Will do the durian orchard visit last week in the next post. Next time. Late dy and tomorrow is another working day. Speaking of work, I can't believe they did such IDIOTIC mistake 2 freaking weeks before Go-Live!!! urgh.. what the heck, that's another story. Let's not go there lah. Nite!

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