Sunday, July 1, 2007

Chocolate Durian Cake

I love trying exotic food and anything with durian in it is exotic enough in my book! So when i heard about this Chocolate Durian Cake from Just Heavenly Pleasures in Epicure, Bukit Damansara, i simply have to try it!

This cupcake-size Chocolate Durian Cake will set you back RM8.90. Lotsa floggers raved about this cake but to me, it's not off-the-scale-good. Just decent and different. A good change from the norm cakes. Can't take too much of it though. Well, you know how durian is.. almost like cheesecake which is best taken mildly.

Chunks of fresh durian inside the cake, covered with chocolate.

I also bought a Ferrero-Rocher-size Rum Ball (RM2.20 per ball) which i immediately popped into my mouth, so no pics on that... hehh... As for taste, um... nothing much to shout about. They are generous with the rum so you'll definitely taste it on first bite. Again, i'll say it's okay but not spectacular. After all, i set the bar high when it comes to my tastebuds :)

P/S: The weekend jungle & river trekking will be up next! Um.. mebbe tonight... or tomorrow :D

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