Tuesday, May 15, 2007

White Water Rafting @ Slim River

Went for another grRRrEAT white water rafting trip again last weekend! Let's do the commentary with pics! :)

At the base camp, comtemplating if i should bring my DSLR along. Asked the guide and he said better not, but compact camera is fine. So one of us brought a compact and we managed to get some really cool white water rafting pics! :)

Hot spring just beside the basecamp. Can feel the heat from where we were standing. Throw a squawking chicken inside and you'll get a boiled chic!!

The escaped convicts!! lol
Okay, this is actually our ride from base camp to the starting point. Journey took about 20 minutes on a VERY bumpy offroad trail. We were supposed to be on 4WD but ended up in this since there were 9 of us, plus 4 others from a different group :P

Group photo at the first rapid! They call it "Celik-Mata Rapid" (An Eye-Blink Rapid) cause you'll encounter this rapid immediately at the starting point! Awesome! :D

Oh nooOOo, we're gonna hit the rocks!!! They said this is an 8ft drop! Didn't look like it but if it's about the raft size (which is HUGE!), i guess it's about there.

Of course we didn't hit the rocks but instead they maneuvered the raft and made it stuck there for a few seconds for them to take pics for us! Cool stuff!

All smiles as the gang on the other raft survived the rapid too.

At the end point.. No, we didn't want to leave!!

All in all, it was an AWWWESOME trip! This 6km river ride has 24 rapids as opposed to my last rafting trip at Kampar River, which has about 9 rapids only. They said this river is more 'technical' as it is narrow, but it makes the entire ride more fun cause we had to squeeze everyone to put our weight to the right/left side. This will lift up one side of the raft and keep the raft a little slanted to go through those narrow rapids.

None of us fell off the raft at the 8ft rapid maybe because we were prepared, but at some point along the 24 rapids, 4 from our group fell overboard!! hahaha.. 2 from my raft and 2 from the other raft.

I now have another layer of tan(!!!) and a Certificate of Bravery to add to my collection. SOoOO glad one of us brought a compact camera this time! Had so much fun going through the pics!! :D

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