Friday, May 4, 2007

Payar Island

So i had a long weekend holiday last week and i was in the mood for an island getaway. Alas, the east coast islands were all booked out and my attempt at a last minute reservation was futile. hmphh... Searched around for other islands and found one called Pulau Payar which is accessible from Penang (2 hrs by ferry) and Langkawi (45 mins by ferry). It's actually a marine park so there's no chalet for overnight stay. Day trip is all you can do at Payar. The ferry will drop you on "the 1st and only Coral Reef Platform in Malaysia" - yeah, that's what the brochure says :P.

It was a great getaway eventhough the water is nowhere near Redang's standard. Put on my snorkel and fins and the next thing i know, i'm swimming with the fishes! What fun!! Totally thrilled when a HUGE barracuda swam silently past me. Was I not told in advance that i'll be seeing such huge creature there, i'll probably freaked out!! haha... Also saw baby sharks and Nemo's nest and lots and lots of fish. :)

Came back with a tan and a Patch Adam's nose which lasted for days. I went to the island on Monday and when i get back to work on Wednesday, the tip of my nose is still red!!

Okaydoks, enough gabbing now... let's see the pics! :)

The beach! The guy was shooting on his videocam at the side and I gave up waiting for him to move himself and his ugly shirt from my picture and decided to crop it out instead - um, which i'm lazy to do now.. so there!:P

View of the beach from Reef Platform

We swam to the beach from the Reef Platform! :)

Or be transported to the beach on this! That's the Reef Platform in the background.

The sun deck

Baby shark!

Lotsa fish!

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