Monday, May 21, 2007

Sungai Klah Hot Spring

Went to Sg. Klah's Hot Spring after white water rafting last week. Forgot to include the pictures earlier on. Found our way there thanks to the GPS. It's about 30km from the rafting place so we stopped by to checkout the place since we were in the area.

The place is very commercialised with a lot of tour buses that weekend. Entrance fee is RM5.

Hot spring pool.. some say it's good for the blood circulation... didn't bring extra clothes so we just soak our feet here. Temperature is probably about 30-40C... Felt the water was too hot at first but after a few dips, we got use to it :)

Source of the hot spring. Water temperature here ranges from 70-102C.

Walk on the pebbles (with shallow hot spring water) and get a good foot massage!! Had fun here! It was painful and hot at first but turned out to be quite nice after a while. :)

Bought a few raw eggs (with free soya sauce.. keke) from a stall and boiled them here.

Boiled eggs from hot spring. yummy!

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