Saturday, December 29, 2007

New PDAphone - HTC Touch

2nd generation HTC Touch - I got this Burgundy color! :)

Lost my Dopod 838Pro a week ago and i got myself a new HTC Touch (2nd generation), not to be mistaken with HTC Touch Dual! HTC Touch Dual comes with a slide-down numeric keypad and a smaller screen. Didn't like the reduced screen size because i read ebooks on my pdaphone. Can't have a small screen for that!

So i went for the new 2nd generation HTC Touch in which HTC has wisely doubled up both RAM and ROM specs and added built-in Wifi feature. Yes! The original HTC Touch (1st generation) does not have Wifi but have 3G! So they switched that in the 2nd generation, put in Wifi and stripped off 3G! WTH! oh well, i'd prefer to have Wifi than 3G anyway so it works for me.

Considered HTC Tytn II but except for the built-in GPS, the build and design is very much like my previous Dopod 838Pro. Nothing new there especially since i already have external GPS paired with my previous phone. I'm now reusing the GPS with HTC Touch.

Sleek and slim - side by side comparison with Motorola Razr v3 (right)

Gotta love the sleek and slim design! My bag is now so much lighter! :) oh, not forgetting the TouchFLO too! :)

My only complaint is that it is really SLOWWWW when i open my ebooks on IE!! urgghhhh!! Had to wait few seconds for every scroll, oMG! I can't read that way!! So now i have to chop off my books into parts, thus smaller file size, to be able to read smoothly. yerghhh!! Other applications and phone features are fine though. Sacrificed some performance for the slim design?! yeah, why not! hehehhe

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