Thursday, October 4, 2007

Desktop Peek

Got tagged by slowcatchupkuan who wants to take a peek at my cluttered desktop. hmm... so checkit out below!

yeah i know, it's pretty old and i need to get a new one. :P Took the screenshot last nite so i didn't cheat ya.. there's even time there. :) Gotta say that this is not THAT messy, i've had worse! Happy to note that my work laptop is tidier than this home machine, really! :)

Got my usual 24x7 applications open - Azureus, mIRC, Yahoo, MSN etc. The browsers are showing Facebook (i was throwing sheeps, biting chumps and throwing bombs at people as usual.. keke) and Gmail. Of course, there are many TABS inside my browsers!! haha

I'm tagging:
Patrick Ling
Loon (who needs to update his blog more often!! :P)

Summarized instruction: Take a screenshot of your desktop immediately after reading this and post it on your blog. Don't clean up any of the icons.. no cheating ok! Then tag the next 5 bloggers. That's it! :)


PatMagician said...

Eh karen... my new blog

kbguy said...

I like your blog about the Terengganu visit. Howcome I am so near but i didn't know there are such bus and food. Tell me the locations of the food / restauraunts and the bus..
I want to go there next weekend..
Anyway, happy New Year 2008 !