Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ipod Touch - A new addition to the Ipod family

The new Ipod family

The features

The price

Side-by-side with the iPhone which dropped a whopping USD200 in price to USD399, much to its early customers' irritation.

Ipod Nano is sporting a new look too. The new 3rd-gen Ipod Nano is slightly thicker and shorter in size with enhanced interface. Pretty cute huh. Available in 4GB for USD149 and 8GB for USD199.

Ipod Classic will be sporting a new interface and an all-metal shell. Available in 80GB for USD249 and 160GB for USD349.

Built-in FM is still nowhere in sight!! That's my pet peeve with ipods... hmph! For further details, checkout

Note: Pics taken from and Engadget