Monday, June 11, 2007

Fallout 3

omg, it's happening!!! Fallout 3 is set to be released in fall 2008!! To those who are not familiar with Fallout, the game is one of the best RPG of all time!! Set in a postapocalyptic era :) And the image above is the cover of GameInformer magazine - World Exclusive of Fallout 3!

"When we announced that Fallout 3 was on the cover of Game Informer Magazine's July Issue, the internets went wild. There's only one person outside of Bethesda that's actually seen the game, and that's Game Informer Magazine's Associate Editor Matt Miller." - GameInformer

haha.. good for them!! That issue is definitely gonna sell!! Though, I'll probably go to the bookstore and do some free reading... kekeke

Wow, seriously, i lost hope when Black Isle closed its door and the original developers dispersed. Then Interplay wouldn't sell the rights to other game developers and yadda yadda... all that drama and finally(!!) Bethesda Softworks is picking up the much anticipated classic. yay!!

I just downloaded the new teaser they released a couple of days ago. It's a short clip with the narrator going "War. War never changes.." Wow, gave me the chills.. haha

Wonder how much improvement i'm gonna see in Fallout 3. After all, the gap with Fallout 2 is like... what.. a DECADE!! gosh, that game is too funny. I love the snarky comments and smart-ass dialogues. Hilarious!! hmm, all these talk made me feel like revisiting it. Mebbe i'll go dig the game out and play! :)


Justin said...

FO3? really? I thought FO2 was great... gotta download the teaser... man...

ashlight said...

ahhhhhh... i'm SO glad someone in our group have played it!! The game is such a classic!

Don't understand why lotsa fellas haven't heard of it or played it when they were kids! ishh

yeayea, go checkout the teaser :)