Monday, June 25, 2007

Chiang Mai Recommendations

Got airtix to Chiang Mai in November so I'm gonna need some recommendations on Chiang Mai attractions. I know some of you have been there and are very familiar with the place. Will be there for 4 days so come come... tell me some good places for yummy FOOD, shopping (what's cheap there?), night markets, must-go places, the must-dos etc. :)

As for accomodations, I wanna stay right smack in the middle of the happening places - with most within walking distance. So I've been told that i should stay near the Night Bazaar (is this a daily thingy or weekend only?). Checked online and i've got this hotel called Suriwongse in my shortlist.

That's all i've got for now. Normally, I prefer going to islands and spend my days at the beach and snorkel all day long so when it comes to non-beach places, i get stumped! Will appreciate some recommendations ok! :)


Soh Eng Guan said...

YES~ you should stay at the night bazaar area.

Night bazaar is daily. Sunday market is once a week...

Lots of cheap stuff to buy...

There a place for world best korean BBQ. A place for eat all you can western food. A place for deserts called "Love at first bite"

ashlight said...

yeah, "Love at First Bite" is in my list for dessert!

They have good Korean BBQ huh? what's the name of the shop? issit pricey?

Have you tried the Hilltribe trekking and bamboo rafting? I might be interested to try that!

Matthew Khaw said...

I will be in Chiang Mai this weekend:) right after i come back from Abu Dhabi.

Matthew Khaw said...

If you are there on Sunday, go to Sunday bazaar. Its the best 'night market' i have seem so far.

Itenary recommendations :-

Day 1 (go to the Golden Triangle)
06.00am Pick up from Hotel

- Wat Rong Khun
- Doi Tung
- Maesai

- Night Safari(this place is quite beautiful and big actually)
- Alternative go to night bazaar

Day 2
07.00am Pick up from Hotel

- Doi Ithanon (if no rain)
- Doi Ang Khang (if rain)
- Doi Suthep
- Ban Tawai

Other interesting place to eat (other than buffet meals)
- Mushroom Suki(one of the very delicious meal, it will set you back a bit on your budget)
- Central Airport for Kau Soi (a kind of laksa which would only cost you Rm1.50. Small portion but comes with a drummet.)

You will find it very difficult to direct the taxis to 'Love at first bite'. Good luck. It's at
28 Chiangmai-Lamphun Road,
Soi 1 Chiangmai 50000
tel : 053 242731

Matthew Khaw said...

If you want to be in a high end happening place, go to Riverside. You can have your dinner on the boat.

ashlight said...

woahhh... cool stuff Matt!!

I'll be around on Sunday night so yeah, definitely will be checking out the Sunday bazaar at Tapae road! Used to mistaken this with the night bazaar at Chang Klan.

As for 'Love at First Bite', if I were to stay near the Night Bazaar, i assume it's walking distance to the place. Doesn't seem far from the map. Should be able to ask the locals if i can't find it. :)

Great itenary! Do you book these tours at the travel agents there? How much do you think it will cost eh? Do you think it's advisable to rent a car and drive to those places?

Anyways, wanna check on this:
- Doi Ithanon (if no rain)
- Doi Ang Khang (if rain)

I checked out Doi Inthanon and wow, lotsa nice waterfalls! Gotta love the water!! If rain then cannot go there issit? Checked out Doi Ang Khang, mostly vege and flower gardens. Nothing much there it seems.

My foodlist now have:
- Kau Soi (at "Central Airport" or Anusarn night market)
- Cheesecake at "Love at First Bite"
- Dinner at "Riverside Restaurant" (I read from Tripadvisor that they serve the "best food" and "everyone who has been to Chiangmai eats at least once here". So i guess i gotta try it! haha)

eh, I believe Chiang Mai is known for cheap spa and massage too. Any good place to recommend? :)

ashlight said...

egg... is this the place you mentioned for Korean BBQ?

Korean Restaurant
193/3 Chang Klan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 2282

Soh Eng Guan said...

Well, I have no idea if that is the one. I mean the Korean BBQ. All I remember is that it's one big food court like place where the whole place is Korean BBQ only...

If I remember correctly, it costs around 80baht per pax.

Matthew Khaw said...

Night bazaar is nothing compared to sunday bazaar.

My pal from Bangkok got me a trusted van. Basically this fella is connected with his relatives in chiang mai

1800 baht for 1 whole day excluding fuel. That person will fill up the van in the morning and when he comes back, he will go to the petrol station and you just need to pay for that bill.

He will go anywhere you ask him to.

ashlight said...

egg... oo, that's really cheap!! Changklan Road is near the Night Bazaar, if the place u recommended is around that area, that could be that one. I simply have to checkout your definition of "world best korean BBQ"... hehehe

matt.. That's a pretty good deal! Especially if you're going with family cause a full day tour will cost about BHT1000-2000 per person. Update me if you got any new stuff to recommend after your trip ok!! Share some pics on your blog! :)

Thanks bunches for the great recommendations guys! Still a few months to go. Can't wait to get away!

Pat said...

"Love At First Bite" is 10 minutes by foot from Night Bazaar. I've got walking instructions on my blog, look for July 2006 entries :)

ashlight said...

oh good! Found the post! Their chicken pie is good too huh? Will see if i can take that after the cheese cake.. keke

Matthew Khaw said...

I have a new place called Palad Thawan Ron. This is a hidden treasure of Chiang Mai. The current 'best of the best' place for locals. Its an unbelievable place with an unbelievable pricing. I went there twice actually. Let me finish up my looonnnnggg proposal first. Then i will update my blog.

ashlight said...

eh? Palad Thawan Ron? What kinda place is that? Like, a mountain? village? waterfall? I tried to google it and believe it or not, I get ZERO result!!

Matthew Khaw said...

Its a restaurant that needs reservation to enter. It has one of the most beautiful scenery. You can see the whole Chiang Mai from the restaurant + the big lake 20 ft from the hills of Palaad. One of their other feature is the view from the toilet (they have a kind of a place to view the scenery from the toilet :)).

ashlight said...

Sounds like a good place to take photos!! Very cool!! Will put that in my must-go list! :)