Monday, July 7, 2008

At the Batu Caves

Paparazzi session with the monkeys. I have more Batu Caves' monkey pics than anything else :)

Went to Batu Caves this weekend to train for my Mount Kinabalu climb. Yeah, i'm gonna be climbing Mount KK. It was a crazy last minute dinner chat last month which turned into a real trip. Well, I do like being spontaneous :).

Every weekend is a training weekend - normally at Wangsa Hill (Ah Pak San) but Miew mentioned that i should train at Batu Caves too so i decided to checkit out.

Managed to climb the entire 272 steps in Batu Caves for 5 times while cam-whoring around the area.. hehehe... here are some of the pics:

The big bosses heading up. I climbed ALL that stairs FIVE times on Sat!!

My fav monkey pic! hello Mesmerising Eyes! With only my 18-55mm kit lens, i had to tip-toe REALLY near to the monkey to take any good shots. I was practically shoving the camera at the poor monkey :D

Quick shot of the cam-whores at work... hahahha

Another quick shot of LE dodging pigeons!! lol

Indian temple at Batu Caves

Inside Batu Caves


Annice said...

Nice monkeys!

ashlight said...

i know!! the eyes remind me of Puss in Boots from Shrek!!