Monday, March 26, 2007

Still alive

my gawd, i can't believe the last time i posted was a MONTH ago! gasp! March is definitely a busy month for me. Should be able to get some breather in 2-3 weeks time.

What else is new? My modem got fried.. again! Normally when i get fried modem, the entire thing will go kaput but this time the modem powered up fine. Just that the DSL light kept blinking. huh? Called up TMNut, got my port reset and i still couldn't get a steady light. When they said they tested the exchange and that my line is fine, i kinda guess that the modem is a goner and true enough, when the technician dropped by and tested with his modem, things are fine. ughh... went down to Low Yat immediately after the guy went off and got myself a new wireless router modem.

Had my Annual Dinner & Dance recently too. The theme this year was just so-so - James Bond (2)007.. a step down from last year's coz it limits the costumes one can go with. Anyhow, everyone glammed out that night... lotsa hot guys in tux and gorgeous gals in glamorous evening gowns as opposed to cool silver screen characters from last year. I was erm.. fashionably late.. The thing started at 6.30pm and i arrived at 7.50pm... kekeke... didn't get to take many pics since i was so late and by then most of the people were seated and the evening started with the MC making the grand entrance in a new Bond vehicle.. a girlie bicycle complete with a small basket in front... hehehe

As usual, drool-worthy lucky draw prizes - half dozen Sony PSPs, Ipaq, Motorola phones, ipods, plasma TV, Wii and etc. etc. No, i didn't win anything!!! :PPP

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